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I contacted outlook IP service and they presented me with the list of email addresses to send validation link.
However, after my attempt to create user "" MIAB responded it wasn’t possible and that I use alias instead.

How do I do that ?

PS All I want is to receive email from MS Outlook IP service, which presents only postmaster and abuse options.

Check your default ‘aliases’ list… You should already have an alias (and others) already created as postmaster@yourdomain.tld forwarding incoming emails to your default custom@yourdomain.tld email address

Thanks. I am novice in this.

Can you please briefly explain the purpose of alias and how I may use it to white-list my mail server with outlook ?

  • An email account has its own inbox
  • An alias hasn’t, It just forward all emails sent to it to the ‘destination’ email address inbox.

I guess outlook would send you a validation link email to your postmaster@yourdomain.tld then this email will be forwarded, by default, to your ‘alias’ administrator@box.yourdomain.tld and again to your email address inbox custom@yourdomain.tld

Thank you. How do I reach the inbox of administrator@box.yourdomain.tld and read the incoming messages ?

As said… the email will be forwarded from ‘alias’ postmaster@yourdomain.tld to administrator@box.yourdomain.tld (that it is an alias, too) and will be forwarded again to your custom@yourdomain.tld that it is your default email address inbox.

  • Pay a look to your aliases list in your admin panel to see all your, created by default, aliases and spend few minutes to understand them and how they work.

I can see the alias list -

what I am struggling with is this -

Where is the inbox for the administrator email address ???


Again! administrator@box.domain.tld is an alias, too and not an email address inbox … Compare this image with your own Aliases List to understand it. Good Luck!

it will be delivered to the mailbox of the default admin that you created when you first installed MiaB. Unless you changed things afterwards.

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