Real user mailbox and alias of same user

Can you create user ( mailbox and then go to the Alias page of MIAB and alias to and the e-mail will be delivered to the MIAB user mailbox as well as be forwarded to the Gmail account?

I see this solution Alias with same name as user? but that uses Roundcube, I would like to know if what I asked is supported by MIAB. Thanks in advance.

I would create a user ( and then create an alias ( that forwards to and

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That is an option, I am just really wanting to know if you can do what I suggested? Does MIAB support that, if anyone knows.

If you want to forward email from just login to roundcube and setup a mailbox rule.

Otherwise an empty alias that can forward email to a gmail is fine: ->

Will work just fine so long as ONE email for the ā€œemail.comā€ domain exists (Does NOT need to be

I understand it can be done from Roundcube. I am asking for clarification if this can be done from MIAB. Basically what I want to know is, does MIAB support a mailbox and alias of the same name? Iā€™m just looking for an answer to my question, I know all the workarounds that exist.

It does not (Or at least should not since that is against RFC compliance)

Thanks for your answer. I migrated from a paid e-mail solution in which they had this capability so they must have been doing something custom.

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