READ FIRST: Welcome to the Mail-in-a-Box Community Forum

This is the community forum for Mail-in-a-Box. Please read this post before participating on this forum.

If you are getting a new box set up, please look through the setup guide first to see if it answers your question before posting.

If you have a question about a running box, please take a look at the maintenance guide which has some tips about resolving problems. Follow the Something Went Wrong! section’s instructions prior to posting here.

Our community has a Code of Conduct. Please read it!

Then go ahead and start a new topic on this forum using the Create Topic button on the forum homepage. Include in your post:

  • Any relevant output from the Status Checks page in the /admin site on your box (if possible).
  • Whether you’ve turned on any advanced features (external DNS, secondary DNS, custom DNS, etc.).

If you’ve found a problem in Mail-in-a-Box that doesn’t get solved here, please open an issue on the github repository so Josh doesn’t lose track of the problem.