RainLoop in Nextcloud (MIAB v0.26+ ONLY)

There seem had a log of weirdoes or scripts trying to access my box with some like wordpress stuff…how do we get this blocked…?

Like this one…

2018/02/22 01:44:37 [error] 2135#0: *4869 open() “/home/user-data/www/xxxxx.com/wp-content/plugins/open-flash-chart-core-wordpress-plugin/open-flash-chart-2/php-ofc-library/ofc_upload_image.php” failed (2: No such file or directory), client:, server: xxxxx.com, request: “GET /wp-content/plugins/open-flash-chart-core-wordpress-plugin/open-flash-chart-2/php-ofc-library/ofc_upload_image.php HTTP/1.1”, host: “xxxxx.com”, referrer: “http://xxxxx.com/wp-content/plugins/open-flash-chart-core-wordpress-plugin/open-flash-chart-2/php-ofc-library/ofc_upload_image.php

You should open a new thread for this mate :slight_smile: But simple solution: block the IP in UFW.

would you be able to PM me some temp admin credentials to your NextCloud (Feel free to remove them when I am done) but it would be easier to see what’s going on from my end. If you are uncomfortable doing this I understand, just wanted to offer it.

thanks for the help… I will take another look later on…not sure whether it’s just me having problems…thanks

Did you figure out your problem?

@murgero Thank you for this detailed tutorial. Worked like a charm!

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Glad it helped! :slight_smile: I’ve been using it for a while but if you have issues let me know :slight_smile:

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One question…are you able to access the RainLoop interface directly? Or do you have to go through NextCloud 1st?

Since this is running as a NextCloud plugin you must go through NextCloud.

If you want to use RainLoop separately, you will need to install Rainloop in it’s own DIR with PHP enabled:


Once the standalone app is installed, the setup process is pretty much the same minus all the NextCloud bits.

Oh and in a standalone app DO NOT use the wildcard in domain setup. That will leave the standalone app completely open for anyone to use it.

Thanks! I’ll play around with that next week!

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I’m running the latest version of MIAB (.026c) on a Digital Ocean droplet. There is no user folder in /home/, but I do see the “owncloud-unlockadmin.sh” file in /root/mailinabox/tools/. Is it safe to run it from there?

Hi yes, looks like you installed MIAB as root, which is fine. You can run it from there.

This is still working great in 2018 installed a few weeks ago.

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So, I want to enable some apps on my Nextcloud. I already gathered from reading here that in my case the owncloud-unlockadmin.sh is in /root. Now I just want to be sure how I know the admin email. Is that the email I receive “Status Check Change Notice” mails from?

Also, I’ll be grateful if someone could say what the risks are of enabling the admin in Nextcloud, assuming I don’t plan to do anything more than enabling a notes app and stuff like that.

The only real risk is if someone hacks into your account. But that is always a risk so…

And I’m right that the email I need to add after owncloud-unlockadmin.sh is the email I receive “Status Check Change Notice” mails from?

that can be any email you want - just make sure it has an amazingly strong password.

So by admin email you just mean the email I set for myself on my MIAB server (in my case name@nameofbox.com)?

yep that would work! Just be sure it has a strong password.

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I generate 20 random character passwords with Keepassx for all of my accounts. I don’t know the password – Keepassx enters it for me – but I presume it’s good enough. :smile:

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