Quota support (2020 current info)

I am frequently seeing the question asked if Mail-in-a-Box supports quotas.

The answer is no. However a member of this community @jrsupplee has forked MiaB and is maintaining a version of MiaB which does indeed support quotas.

Please see his github for more information at:


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Embarrassed to admit that I do not know how to install this version on my server. I understand that to install the “standard MiaB” i use: curl -s https://mailinabox.email/setup.sh | sudo -E bash but how do I implement GitHub - jrsupplee/mailinabox: Experimental quotas for Mail-in-a-Box?

Thanks for your feedback

I have never used it, but it looks like a fork of MiaB, so you would switch to using the fork.

The install instructions appear the same as MiaB. Someone should confirm that you can directly install to an already installed MiaB, as that is how it appears to me to be installed.

@jrsupplee has confirmed to me that you can switch FROM the quota fork back to the main fork of MiaB, however I do not know for certain that the reverse is true. I would imagine though that it is…

Ignore the reference to v0.4x-quota.

Go to the GitHub link given above and look at the readme.md.

He tells you exactly how to install new or upgrade an existing MiaB.

His fork works very well. I have been running it for almost two years. 3 different VPS vendors.


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Thanks I appreciate it.

Ok great to know that this is “stable”.

Going from MaiB to the fork adds some database stuff and tweaks the admin screens.

Going back just ignores the database entries and uses the original admin screens.

I hope I am not over simplifying jrsuplee’s fine work.

I run an email server at Linode in Atlanta, one in Romania, and one in AWS Lightsail.

MaiB with Quotas is stable. Only issues are those around IP address reputations, but that is true of MaiB.

When joshdata issues a new release a few days later jrsuplee issues a new release.


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This is indeed the case. You should be able to switch back and forth without a problem.


@jrsupplee +❤️ for awesome fork.

Works like a charm, great job.
And thanks to Josh for creating this awesome project.