Queuing all Email coming out of the server

Is there a way to slow down the speed at which emails are sent?
Seems that they are treated as fast as the server can do, but I would like to limit it so no more than 1 email get’s out per second.
I have a webserver which could send 1000 legit email in one second, it’s like Ticket master people are buying things all at once when they come up. Then we send the confirmation email, but I’m afraid that sending 1000 emails might flag my mail server as excessive.

I could queue the email coming in Laravel on my system, but it seems that doing it in my mail server could be a good option to avoid some development costs for now.

What do you guys think?

I assume you have the expertise to test.

These are likely the settings to rate limit your postfix in main.cf

default_destination_recipient_limit = 2
smtp_destination_recipient_limit = 2

Disclaimer: modify at own risk. Settings in main.cf may get overwritten.

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Why do you recommend setting these limit to 2?
Does that mean one email cannot have more then 2 recipient like in CC etc…?

You have to apply the settings and test yourself, I don’t have such requirement.

Edit: You want 1 mail per second, then of course logically you change to 60 before you test.

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