Questions from a Noob

Greetings All,

Noob to Mail in a Box here with a few questions.

First allow me to say the clean nature of this setup packaging of all the apps together is Awesome!! My hat is off to all the nerds and geeks who have made it possible.

  1. How can I identify the current version of Mail in a Box that is running on my server so I know if I am behind in updates?

  2. While I see the setup guide says to update from time to time, what is the process for updating Mail in a Box? I am doing the apt-get updates for the system, but I am pretty sure I am missing the Mail in a Box part of the equation.

  3. After banging my head into a wall the last couple weeks wondering why all my address book entries in RoundCube would not sync to my phones contact list, I finally realized that the ownCloud address book is different than the one in RoundCube. Is there a way to get RoundCube and ownCloud to stay in sync with each other in regards to address books so as to not have to enter data in two locations?

  4. Assuming that number 3 can be resolved in some easy manner, is there a way to do a common shared contact list for all users on my server? I have a set of common addresses that would be great if they could be presented, ideally as read-only, to all users on the system.

I appreciate any and all help, comments, or questioning of my sanity anyone wishes to provide.


I have answered some of my own questions after re-reading the manual a few more times.

  1. I checked the README in the mailinabox folder to determine the current version based on the most recent updates to it’s revision notes.

  2. Guess it really is just as simple as rerunning the curl command. I was a little cautious and did a backup of the mailinabox folder prior to the update, but all went well.

Still looking for advice on number 3 and 4.


For #1, you can also cd ~/mailinabox and git describe, which will show the git tag name.

So far no one has been able to figure out nice integration of Roundcube’s address book with ownCloud’s contacts, unfortunately. There used to be an issue open about this on the github project but the ticket got turned into something else and got closed. Feel free to open an issue as a reminder.

Thanks for the fast followup, I did open a new ticket

And it does seem that initially referenced plugin for RoundCube has been updated quite recently, might be something we can easily build into mail-in-a-box.

I have successfully deployed rcmcarddav using information in the discussions here on two MIAB deployments. Neither one went smoothly but I eventually sorted them both out. I’m still trying to figure out if I screwed up or the carddav instructions are just bad.