Questions about Mail-in-a-Box

Id like to know what requirements as in CPU and RAM Mail-in-a-Box needs. I’m running Ghost and soon to run Flarum on DigitalOcean. I’d like to know how many emails Mail-in-a-Box can send per second.

Can you set it as an outgoing mail server only? I don’t want any email coming in and sitting there doing nothing. Postal needs 100gb of hard drive space, not sure why but is Mail-in-a-Box the same because I have no idea why a mail server needs 100gb for email. Email should probably be deleted a day after it’s sent.

MiaB is designed to be a standalone server.

Those other tools will have to be some place else or you will spend your life fighting update scripts and reconfiguring configurations.

Minimum requirements would be 1 GB memory as the minimum limiting factor.

As far as capacity planning, you will have to do your own research and testing, but MiaB is simply configuring popular mature FOSS tools used for email on everything from tiny Rasberry Pi for one person to enterprise with millions of concurrent active users (however, it will be impossible for MiaB to handle millions of concurrent users as that requires configuration MiaB cannot support that includes many physical servers performing myriad dedicated tasks).

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I was going to have each of them on their own server.

Somehow I’m not clear on what you are asking. Maybe someone else familiar with those tools can answer better or if you want to provide more details on what you are requiring the server to do.

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I want the mail server to be sending mail only. Not receiving. I want it sending mail for 2 servers, 1 hosting Flarum, the other Ghost (a blog thing). I don’t want MiaB to save piles of emails for years, I’d like to delete everything from it every week after emails are sent.

If your plan is to not use MiaB for hosting email where clients log in, your better option is to configure an SMTPS server simply using Ubuntu, Postfix, and OpenDKIM. It is much lighter on resources than MiaB.

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Ok thanks for the information.

The only issue with this is going to be deliverability … IMHO you’re better off to set up postfix as a smart host and relay to another SMTP server for delivery. Combine this with a single account from and you are all set.

Under heavy load a 1gb ram MiaB server reportedly handles about 2k outbound emails per hour.

Again though, as @openletter has suggested, you are better off installing postfix (or sendmail) and relaying via SMTP through a good email provider which offers good deliverability, such as the one I mentioned earler.

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