Question before install : Mailing list capabilities and nextcloud integration

I would like to install a mail solution on our server.
It seem Mail-in-a-Box would do the job, but I have couple of question :
Does MiaB has a mailing list capabilities ?
I see the is some nextcloud/owncloud component. I already have a Nextcloud session running.
Can MiaB use it ? share the users / calendar / contact ?

thank you for you help

Not natively. You would need to install maillist management software such as Sendy or Mailtrain on another server/shared hosting.

I am not overly familiar with NC personally but it can Federate with other servers. For MiaB it is used strictly for calendar/contacts but the admin functions can be unlocked. Doing so would create an unsupported modification which the maintainers of MiaB will not offer any support for … basically it would be AYOR.

Keep in mind that MiaB must be installed on its own server/VPS dedicated strictly to MiaB.

ok thank you for your time and answer.

it is difficult to find the perfect solution, and as a small organisation, it is not very convenient nor cost effective to have
1 VPS for Nextcloud
1 VPS for MiaB
1 VPS for Mailing list solution

I understand your point however there is a trade off … for the ease of set up and maintenance the cost is a vps dedicated to MiaB. You could certainly combine the MiaB and NC into one server with the right VPS host (it all depends on how intensively you intend to use NC and if additional functionalities are required) that offers VPS’s with the right specs. As far as a VPS for the mailing list solution that can indeed be hosted wherever your websites are hosted, unless you organization does not have a website.

I am running MiB in a liunx container (LXD), Nextcloud in another (I don’t use the one shipped with MiB) and an nginx reversed proxy in another. All on the same Linux VPS. Works fine like this for me

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Luckily - MIAB does not require many resources, and you can get by in a small organization (0-100 users) with a 1GB droplet from digital ocean: my referral link if you want to try the services: