Qn. on why ns1 and ns2 are needed?

Hi All,

Just got my mail in a box setup working, and it is working quite well. Big thanks to the author.

I was wondering why in the setup we need to have ns1 and ns2 point back to the box server, and why it needs to run as a DNS server itself?



MIAB is setup as a DNS server (Or nameserver) because it can manage ALL DNS entries for a domain (e.g. example.com) This makes setup SUPER simple for even beginners.

You can use external DNS, but you have to put all the DNS entries in yourself at your registrar (That’s like 20+ entries for 2 domains)

TL;DR: MIAB manages it’s own DNS to make setup simple for anyone and everyone.

Thanks all, that does make sense now. Got my service all working smoothly.

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