Put all pages behind password

Is it possible to put all Mail-in-a-Box pages behind the password requirement? For example, when you are not logged in (on v0.40) you can access Mail > Instructions and Contacts/Calendar

Personally, I have never encountered this … not to say that it is not the case.

Are you certain that you are actually logging out? If you simply close the browser/window that does not log you out. You must actually log out, otherwise when you next visit you will still be logged in.

This is a feature, and has been since as far back as I can remember. It allows end users to get instructions on setting up their own stuff.

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Ahh yes indeed! With this page ONLY which is as it should be. Thanks for opening my eyes to that @murgero. I had taken the OP’s comment to mean that he was referring to all of the admin area and used that one page as an example. So yes, the instructions page is available whether logged in or not, but all of the other admin pages definitely are not.

Hi! Yes, I made certain by trying it in a private window/brand new browser session.

Ah ok. I would prefer a setting to hide it but good to know it’s by design and not a bug.

Understandable, but there is absolutely nothing available there that is not common knowledge to anyone who has a basic knowledge of how email servers and clients work together, so it is not any type of security risk IMHO.

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