Pull backup through rsync to local

I’m wanting to pull backups through rsync from MiaB to my local computer.

However, the files cannot be read by my user and I don’t want to give root login privileges.

Is there any other way for rsync to access the backups?

Is rsync the wrong tool for what I want to do?

No, not at all.

Set MiaB user user-data to allow logins. Don’t ask me how, I use webmin to accomplish this… and set a password for this user.

I do not use PKA, so if you do, turn it off temporarily in /etc/sshd_config so that you can log in to copy your PKA public key over with ssh-copy-id.

Then log in with the user user-data@box.mydomain.tld to do your rsync.

Easy. If you understand what I just said … if not … well then maybe rsync isn’t for whomever is reading this.

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Thanks. I failed to notice that /home/user-data/backup/encrypted/ and its contents are owned by user-data.

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