Public DNS (nsd4) is not running (port 53)

Unformately nsd IS running. checked by sudo service nsd start (started / PID)
tried to reboot machine, still the same.
Can you help me? Box worked fine till now and is working fine. But that notification …

Same problem here 1 day after upgrading to v0.21c… Any advice about?

edited-170203-0314 CET:

Solved with:

  1. Through SSH:

    cd /root/mailinabox
    tools/dns_update --force
    service nsd restart

  2. Then run ‘mailinabox’ again… I’m using v0.21c master-version in this dev. server, then:

    apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y
    cd mailinabox
    git pull
    git checkout

I tried:

but no success. Box still working.