Proxmox should use MiaB


I have created a container on my Proxmox and installed Mailinabox in it.

Now Mailinabox is supposed to manage all emails from Proxmox.

As an an example.

On my Proxmox fail2ban is running

I now want the fail2ban email me as soon as something happens.

How do I set this up?

What do I have to consider with DNS?

Where do I manage the DNS? at Namecheap or in Mailinabox

What must the host name on Proxmox be, so that email arrives as follows "" and not ""?

Many thanks

Is this local? Does the container have it’s own internet routable IP’s? (IPv4 & IPv6)?

no it is not local. The container has its own IP as well as the Proxmox server

In MiaB I have created a new user for the Proxmox server.

MiaB automatically created the DNS.
Do I have to enter them one by one on Namecheap now?
in Namecheap, I manage the Proxmox DNS settings.

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