Proofpoint - IP is blocked

Anyone else having issues with emails being rejected by proofpoint? I have tried multiple times requesting for my IP address to be unblocked with no success (not even a response from Proofpoint!). My IP address does not appear on any well known spam blacklist, I’ve configured DKIM, SPF and DMARC…

Has anyone had any sucesss with getting their IP unblocked from proofpoint?


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I am blocked. I filled out their form to request to be unblocked. Nothing has happened. Annoying.

You can try calling them +1.877.634.7660

Yes. I can’t reply to users on (AT&T) nor send emails to their abuse_rbl address. Pretty sure they use UCEProtect which flags Linode’s ASN as a source of spam. You can pay them monthly to whielist your IP or you can move to another host… that (according to UCE) is your only option.

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AT&T’s blacklists are all whack, my IP was literally blacklisted when the IP I have has never sent mail to sbcglobal, I did get my IP off their blacklist and can send in your IP if you want

I got a response from AT&T yesterday that they are unblocking my IP… hopefully this solves it for me.


In case anyone is interested in this thread, I have had some success…

I stood up a new server (with the same hosting provider) and named my server instead of the recommended I checked on Proofpoint and it was blocked. I then submited a whitelist request for Proofpoint and they whitelisted my IP! Success!

So my question now is, without tearing down the box completely, can I simply run sudo mailinabox and reconfigure the hostname of the box to be instrad of then go update the relavant DNS records or will that break things?