ProofPoint Blocked

Dynamic Reputation IP Lookup

<>: host[]

refused to talk to me: 554 Blocked - see

Since your other post seems to have a similar issue with DNS I’d mark this as closed. Can you put [CLOSED/NEW POST] in the title so users can avoid this post for now?

no, I need some support for this issue as well

This issue and your other one are almost certainly related. If the other issue is resolved and this is not then we could look into it.

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I am having the same blockage with Proofpoint, and I have checked other ‘check your mail server sites’ for things like DNS, and everything “seems” ok (but I am no expert) –
What DNS problem are you referring the original poster to look into?

He seems to be referring to a different post by the same user.

I recommend starting a new post for your problem.