Proofpoint blacklist

Proofpoint keep blacklisting every new MiaB that send email to icloud domains, is there anyone who got the same issue on this update?

How do you determine this? It seems very specific.
Proofpoint has a Faq and an Ipcheck page to help you. I gather these are good starting point to get unblocked.

I’ve recently had mails bounced by a server that uses proofpoint. Suffice it to say, I now consider proofpoint to be a bad actor. The reasoning for this opinion is as follows.

  1. I’ve been operating MIAB on the same Digital Ocean IP address for a long time. (Since the Ubuntu 22 migration, so at least a year.) My server is clean and most definitely not a source of spam (I’m the only person who uses it). If they are specifically blocking my IP address on the basis of spam that predates this, they could avoid doing so by means of a simple aging algorithm.
  2. It’s very obvious that my IP is in a range assigned to a public cloud provider. If they are blacklisting entire IP ranges, this is plainly not appropriate.
  3. When reporting a false positive to Proofpoint, their website makes it clear that they wil prioritise fixing false positives for IP addresses belonging to their own customers. So they are causing a problem, and then selling the solution to their customers as a service, leaving other victims to continue suffering the problem.
  4. MIAB comes loaded for bear when it comes to anti-spam measures. Surely a valid DKIM header etc, etc, etc ought to be enough to allow them to automatically determine that it isn’t spam. Why make people have to go through a whole rigmarole?

For what it’s worth, I also reported this to Digital Ocean, and their response was meh. If you don’t like it, don’t run a mail server… or some such.