Proofpoint and Digital Ocean = Real Problems

Hi all,
I recently upgraded my Digital Ocean server to the latest MAIB and having real problems with my emails being blocked by Proofpoint. I have been using DO for years with MAIB and no problems. However after upgrading my server - I now have Proofpoint blocking my IP. I contact Proofpoint to remove my ip - but no avail. This is a problem because some of my clients communicate frequently with the US Government entities. Proofpoint universally flags the ip and blocks any mails sourced from my ip.

I have done all external testing with DKIM, DMARC, DNSSEC etc and every thing passes.

Any ideas?

No ideas at all how to improve your Digital Ocean reputation! it seems impossible. You say you upgraded? Please clarify. I don’t think your reputation it has anything to do with the upgrade if this IP was warmed up before and was old. I think it has to do with the February Yahoo and Google email changes Google & Yahoo Email Changes 2024: What Do They Mean for Marketers? | Digital Marketing Institute

Are you listed on Spamhaus? Do you experience any bounces from gmail and yahoo? Check if you are listed anywhere else
As for internal black lists there is not much you can do about it. But do try to delist yourself from the public ones and register yourself at
Digital Ocean seems a poor choice in terms of their IPs. They have been listed forever on UCIPROTECT. Check ASN number 14061 Digital Ocean https://www.uceprotect…net It seems that 50% of their 3 million IPs are in RED. Find your subnet there and see if it listed under UCEPROTECT Level 2.

Check of you can reset your reputation on CLOUDMARK if you are on their list at all.

I heard that people who choose Digital Ocean Netherlands or UK in these ranges have better deliverability:

Anyone have any success with unblocking via proofpoint?

Did you not retain your original IP when you upgraded?

Alento - I did not retain my original ip (which i probably should of). I commissioned a droplet server and did a migration from the old version to a new box with a new ip.

That is unfortunate. Sadly the only thing you can do now is beg and plead with Proofpoint to remove your IP from their list. Well, you do have options but none of them are particularly pleasant. You could migrate to a different DO region as suggested by @vele or you could use my AnyMXRelay SMTP relay.

Migrate to Netherlands or UK. Check the IPs first if they are listed, (Spamhaus, Proofpoint and Talos intelegence or use - Blacklist, Whitelist and FCrDNS check tool) if yes release and renew the IPs and only when you are sure you are on a good IP, go ahead and reserve it and then make a ptr record. I know it is a tidious job but you should have reserved you IP in the first place. Warm up the IP. Good luck

Hi all, I finally got around this problem. I changed to a server from Amsterdam w/ DO and checked the ip right when I spun up the box. In fact, I spun several of boxes - some of the ips in Amsterdam and London and checked these ips with Proofpoint - some were bad and eventually found a good ip in Amsterdam.

Probably could of payed to join Proofpoint service and delist the ip - however my attempts from the public with Proofpoint never worked. I must up requested the ip be removed over 30 times in a month period. All working now.

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