Problem with sending emails

Hello. I have several mail-in-a-box servers. Everyone passed the 10/10 test on the mail tester. Letters arrive normally. Also, letters normally go to gmail and other public servers.

Problem - I can’t send an email to a client on his mail server. It gives an error - “SPF fail - not authorized”

How can I understand what the problem is?


What do you have set for your SPF TXT record ?

Just found this on (hope it helps):

If your receiver gets an error “spf fail – not authorized send“, it means your server IP is not authorized to send email for your domain.

For example you have a email called (hosted on and you are sending email to now Gmail will check if your SPF records allow to send emails for For this to work your SPF record should look like

v=spf1 a mx ip4: ~all

But if your SPF records does not looks like this you will keep getting an error, all you need to do is update or add your SPF record to allow your server to send emails on your domains behalf.

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