Problem with one domain: catch-all receives emails, while mailboxes don't

Hello, thanks for making this nice package.

Digitalocean is the host
Here is my situation - I have one main mailinabox domain on a droplet
Also I have and hosted at same registrar, both pointed to proper nameservers and work perfect has this problem: can’t receive mail in any inboxes on this domain unless the email is sent from same server (ie if sends to I do receive that email). As for emails sent from other servers, only catch-all emails work (ie if sends to but sending from to never delivers the email, nor is there trace of that email in file system. Also, I do not receive any sending failed replies to sender gmail address.

Maybe it is DNS refresh issue that will go away with time, as I only redirected domain’s nameservers some 6 hours ago, but it seems to be propagated wherever I checked, also both domain2 and domain3 are hosted on same registrar, are setup with same nameservers at same time, so it is strange that mailboxes for one is not working (unless when sending to unexisting address).

Any ideas?

Nevermind I guess that domain just took a bit more time to start working.

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