Problem with domains and certs

For the purposes of this post, let’s say I have my system as (my real domain is something different)

In the admin I have two separate entries as and

I installed a cert into that is valid for both and

The is still the self signed cert

Now when I go to in a browser, it actually serves out the cert for And if I go to, it redirects me to

If I try to install’s cert into, it just tells me the name doesn’t match (and i never purchased it for anyway)

How do I sort out this mess?

Could you post a screengrab of the SSL certs page of the control panel? (Feel free to scrub domain names as long as I can tell which is which.)

You probably set a custom DNS record for the www domain? Remove that and you’ll be good.

I removed it and that took out the www entry in the certs section, but it still serving the self-signed instead of the purchased when i go to in my browser. I restarted the server and it didn’t change anything

Can you post a new screengrab of the SSL certs page? wasn’t in the list before. It should be now (now that the custom DNS record is removed). What does it say now for that domain?

It says “Signed & valid. Using multi/wildcard certificate of”. But when I go to the website itself (outside of admin) and view cert, it is the self-signed for

I ended up copying /home/user-data/ssl/ on top of /home/user-data/ssl/ssl_certificate.pem

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