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I have a MIAB server at Contabo and set up a new one with more power and a new IP. When I originally set up my MIAB servers, it was possible to assign the same IP to both name servers ( and, but this is no longer possible, at least not with this de-Domains. The following error message then appears:

ERROR: 53300102912 Nameserver error [ERROR: 107 Insufficient diversity of nameserver’ s IPaddresses (expected, found) (1, 0)]

But it’s also not possible to set only one Nameserver.

Denic has a Nameserver testing website:

Now I mad all DNS settings manually like from MIAB recommended and everything is working, but the way MIAB works as NS is much better, is there a way to get this running?

Some top level domains require you to run at least one secondary nameserver which must be hosted on a different server / IP address than the primary nameserver. You can either set up your own: Guide: How to setup NSD as a secondary nameserver for Mail-in-a-Box

…or you can use a DNS provider that offers secondary name servers as a service, such as Setting up Secondary DNS for Mail-in-a-Box - AnyDomain LLC.

See also here: Mail-in-a-Box Setup Guide

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