Problem Setting Up Second Domain Email Acct

1- Domain A is up an running well…all email works IN / OUT
2- Domain B has been added in the Admin portal and Configuration Window
3- All systems have “Green Light” on system Check
4- Email from Domain B can send out but not receive.
5- I went to advance and added all possible advanced features - no luck
6- I can log into the web portal access and see the Second Domain user… all appears to to be working ok

What did I do wrong?

Honestly, the simplest and quickest way for me to answer would be if you’d be willing to PM me your MiaB hostname and the domain name for the second domain.

That said, have you added the MX record to the second domain’s DNS settings?

I can PM you…
But yes…MX records added… I added all options available in the Advances Set Up Tab

Which PM you use?

Click on my username here. :slight_smile: That said I will just send you a PM.

Hey Alento - I reached maximum posts under my Noob account - 22 for first day - can we chat in another forum ? or telegram? just PM me here… also i dont think noobs can PM

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