Problem my mailinabox mail server send spam. why

what is wrong ? I have create my mail server using mailinabox I think everything is perfect

-clean server ip from contoba out of blacklist checked with many sites
-clean domain with 3 months old
-all checks in mailinbox green
-all tests in mail tester 10/10
-all dns record spf / dkim / dmarc / ptr / etc ok and checked with mxtoolbox

i try to send to my own gmail just some text without any links but all of my mails go to spam
is this normal or what is wrong i ?
i am worry to start make warmup sending 100 mails per day and double it daily and after one months find that my server send all to spam

Google does this with all new mail servers, you will need to wait either 6 months or do Google’s Site Verification for mail servers:

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thanks for your answer but can u explain more what happen ?


what will happen if i make Google’s Site Verification for mail servers ?

This is a security policy at google, not an issue with MIAB. Unfortunately we do not have control over it.

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new policy from google u mean this ok
but what will happen if i made Google’s Site Verification after this Verification i can reach inbox and make my normal warm up sending 100 mail today and double it daily till i can send at least 10k daily after 1 month or what ?

Mail-in-a-Box is not built and ready by default to be used to send marketing emails campaings or mass mail (or spam) as there is not a built-in tool to manage your bounces …

  • If you would do that, surely your domain and IP could be backlisted after few days.

yes i know i was planning to use it as smtp but i will run my campaings using mailwizz scritp and after warm up take one month at least the problem now is mail in abox send spam even with all i mention every thing is perfect what is the problem ?

i just try to send one mail to my gmail some texts only go to spam folders

As already explained to you by murgero earlier in this post… Google has its own filters to stop spam and one of them is to filter to spam folder all mails to gmail accounts by default sent by every newly created mail server domain(s) & IP(s) during some time (Until they will get sure that your email server / domain / IP is legitimate and is not sending spam at all)


BTW as already MailWitzz tells you in its own intro. :

MailWizz comes with support for any SMTP server out there, PHP’s built-in mail function and sendmail. Also it integrates with services like Sparkpost, MailGun, Amazon SES, SendGrid, ElasticEmail and much more in order to make sure you are not limited into using just a single service but you have a wide array of options.

  • Again, Mail-in-a-Box (I think) is not a good alternative to their mentioned services.

that is the point now everything is perfect in my mail server but when i try to send test just some text to my gmail spamm direct what is the wrong what i have to do now to send inbox what is the best warm up i can do to till i can send 10k daily

can Google’s Site Verification and good warm up fix the problem with spam or what?

Repeatedly asking the same question over and over is NOT going to change the answer.
Google (Gmail) routinely BLOCKS all email sent from new email servers for several months until they are convinced that the mail server is not likely to be a source of spam. They accomplish this block by sending the emails to the spam folder of the recipient.
To HELP mitigate this you can sign up for Google Site Verification, however in my experience that is not a solution as they still randomly block email servers of participants. Eventually though, you will build a reputation with Google and your emails will land in the in-box.
However, sending marketing emails via your server will seriously impede this. It is much better to configure MailWizz to use one of the bulk email sending services such as those listed in @just4t’s reply above.


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