Problem Installing Mail-in-a-Box in my VM

I tried to install Mail-in-a-Box in my ubuntu 22.04 it didn’t work there where no error messages it asked for the usual stuff my hostname, email, and time zone. but then it started updating packages and ended.

but with when I tried on digitalocean it work my mailinabox is running there. but I cannot install it in my own server. I used the desktop image. Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)

I install miab on a regular basis on a local Proxmox VM at home to test the integrity of my backups. I never had any issues with the installation however you need to use the server image, the desktop image is not supported.

I realised when I was reading documentation that I had to use ubuntu server. Its working now. Thx for your support

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