Prevent Let's Encrypt to overwrite my main wildcard cert

Hello everyone. I have a wildcard cert that has been working nicely since some time now. Since I’ve upgraded to 0.28 (I believe), Mail-in-a-Box keeps replacing it with a Let’s Encrypt one, and I have to ssh to the box and replace the symlink. How do I prevent this from happening again?

Can you reinstall the cert using the web ui?

It doesn’t seem to work for the “box” domain.

Does it work for other domains?

The other domains still had the wildcart cert in place. Only the main one was overwritten.

If the other domains still have the wild card cert in place and only the box subdomain is being replaced with a LE cert, is it really an issue?

I think so. If I manually uploaded a cert, I wouldn’t expect it to be replaced.

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