Preferred Installation Method curl or git? setup page or not?

There’s a very strong suggestion at the top of this forum to look at the setup page, but when following the setup up page the z-push checksum error got me. But then it looks like the correction was committed to the repo, so is the curl installation method outdated?
I’d like to just start from a fresh droplet (Digital Ocean), but want to know which is the current preferred install method, curl or git? If so, I’d suggest a quick change to the setup page might save some time so newbs like myself won’t be confused.

The preferred installation method is curl, but unfortunately it’s been broken. So it goes. That’s what happens in an open source project that is over-extended. I hope to post a new working release later today.

Thank you, very much, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t off target in following suggest procedure. It would about the 4th time I’ve set it up for someone and I didn’t remember doing anything but curl method of install last time. But it was over 6 months ago. The system is really nice, so it’s worth any delay and frankly, wiping a Digital Ocean droplet back to reference image with same IP address is simple, since all the GLUE and such settings are waiting for this gem. And to me, that fast of a response is a lot better than some paid support applications I have to wait for, so please keep up the great work, I know you’re a busy guy just looking at some of your work. Is there donation/Patreon kind of thing somewhere? Heck, it’d probably never cover your efforts, but it couldn’t hurt.

Unless you’ve got thousands of dollars to share, the effort it would take me to set up Patreon, spread the word, and manage donor expectations would cost me more in time than I would get back in cash… :expressionless:

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