Possible to use external WebDAV storage to store emails?

Hey guys,

I’m interested in setting up a MailinaBox, but the provider I use (VirMach) only provides 15GB of disk space on their specials, and I’m not willing to spend a bunch of extra money for a disk space increase.

However, I already own a storage server with 350GB storage, and so I’d like to know if it’s possible to:

  • Store emails on a WebDAV server (in this case ownCloud)


  • Backup emails to a WebDAV server, and delete the local copy, but still be able to access those emails from the email server itself (e.g in Thunderbird, you find an old email from 2 years ago, but oh no, it’s already been archived to the WebDAV server. I want to be able to click on it and then have the mailserver download it from the WebDAV server).


Nevermind, figured it out. Thread can be closed.

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