Possible to share an inbox?

Hi all,

I know some kind of shared inbox is possible with dovecot, but it is possible/easy with mail-in-a-box?

For example, if I wanted to have an email address like ‘president@myorg.org’ but I want two people to have access to it and the address owner to change annually… is that possible? I know it is simple to just share a password, but I was hoping for something a little cleaner where two people could log into the same imap account with two different user names, and that both could send email with the same ‘from’ address. I am a little new to dovecot and postfix, so I have no idea if such a thing is even possible without a lot of hacking.


i think it should be possible with an Alias. Never tried it myself… so have a look in your admin panel :slight_smile:

Thanks pxl. That does get most of the way there. The thing that is missing is a single mail box. With the solution you suggest, users can send and receive email from the address, but there isn’t a single place where all email is stored. I think what I am thinking of is actually only possible with microsoft exchange or with a more complex custom ldap system. The idea is a single mail account with it’s own folders, but multiple users can log into the same imap accounts with different usernames. This allows you to keep email in a single place in a searchable form, kind of like a mailing list, but much easier to search.

I am pretty sure it isn’t possible though, so unless anyone has any other ideas I think I will just let this one go.

Thanks though!

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