Possible to Setup a multi-domain, Per domain Admin Mail server?

Hi all,
I’m looking to setup a mail server that will host around 300 mailboxes spanned across 10-15 domains. I gave it a look but couldn’t spot an easy Admin interface where I can setup multiple domains. I also want to have per domain Admins defined, who can login to the Panel, create/edit/delete mailboxes for their own domain only.

Is this all possible inside Mail-in-a-Box

Just add email addresses on other domains, and follow the setup guide for those domains.

per domain Admins

That’s not supported.

Sad to know “per domain Admins” is not there.

Is there a way to have multiple Admins ??

Is there a way to have multiple Admins ??

Yes, you can use the control panel to make any user an admin.

but then, any admin will be able to see all mailboxes for any domain right ?
You can’t restrict an admin to one domain – right ?

Yes, that is correct.

One possible solution is to run multiple jailed debian environments(using chroot, you will need to google) then install mail-in-a-box in each chroot jail and configure each to a different domain, then each will also have it’s own domain admin and control panel. I have not tested this. But should work.

Mail-in-a-Box will not work in a simple chroot jail. It assumes a full Ubuntu 14.04 stack.

You can use a full Ubuntu stack in a chroot jail.

And I was able to load this up on my Ubuntu Chroot on my phone (I did not test ability to send email, only that it was running the proper services., so I assumed it was possible. Anyway I was only speaking in theory. I’ve never actually done a chroot on X86_64 before. Just on my arm devices.

I know this is an old thread. But I would like to know if this might be supported in the future. Maybe when MailInABox support the next Ubuntu LTS (18.04)?