Possible to expose DNS entries?

As I’ve decided to not use the nameservers of the box when hosting domain names, I have to manually enter the SPF, DKIM, MX etc records manually. With a lot of domains this is quite tedious.
Obviously I can’t just dig these records out as the box is out of the loop.

Is there a way I could expose the zone files located at /etc/nsd/zones/ files to the public so I could parse them and use the API of my host Digitalocean to keep them in sync?

I don’t know Nginx very well at all but something simple like this in the right place might do the trick.

I appreciate that this may get overwritten from time to time but that’s a lot easier than transposing five or six records every time I add/edit a domain.

location = /myzones/ {
	alias /etc/nsd/zones/;
	fancyindex on;
	fancyindex_ignore *.signed *.ds;

Or, is there a better way to gain access to this information?