Port 465 for Kutt

Hey! How do I enable port 465? I’m trying to set up kutt and have had no luck with mail proxy. I’m using Nginx proxy manager for kutt if that makes a difference and all works well. Just not the confirmation email. I’ve tried uncommenting the smtps lines in the postfix config and that hasn’t worked. Any help would be appreciated! Oh also the mail server is on a separate node.

I’m not familiar with kutt and it’s been some time since I messed with configuring postfix, but only because you didn’t mention it: did you open port 465 in the firewall?

If I just found the same kutt project you are using, it looks like the sending mail port is configurable. Try searching their GitHub for mail and see if configuring those files for 587 works. Might be easier than getting master.cf written correctly, unless there is some other issue you are having that 587 isn’t an option for you.

It’s the fact they don’t support STARTTLS is the issue.

Is there an option for a local sendmail compliant MTA? You could install postfix and configure as a transactional mail server.

I don’t think so, the .env file mail segment consists of the following:

I don’t know anything about the project or server config to support it, but when I search for sendmail it provides some results:

Scratch that. I just noticed the results are for sendMail, not sendmail, so it’s just a term used in their project.

It is unusual that the devs wouldn’t include an option to use a local MTA. If I were using that project, I would complain (also about 587, since that is published standard).

A huge number of servers will have a local MTA installed to the server, often referred to as a “sendmail-compliant” MTA, since basically Sendmail dominated the MTA space to such a degree that replacing it meant supporting calls to sendmail.

Gotcha, should I contact the authors of Kutt? Or is there a way to modify MiaB to support their mail method?

Either or both. I think you have to add more than just one line to get smtps to work properly, so unless someone else here can recommend a configuration, you’ll likely need to dig into some web searches to find a configuration example that is otherwise configured similarly to MiaB.

At the same time I would see if the project has a forum, mailing list, discord, etc., and if none of those post an issue to their GitHub, though maybe try searching first in case someone has already complained and had their issue otherwise resolved.

Changing the MiaB postfix config files should be your last option after all other options have failed.

Gotcha, ill look into it and see if I can get it sorted!

Oh, another really obvious solution I wasn’t thinking of is to use a smart host service such as SendGrid. I’ve used them in the past without issue and they have a free tier that is currently 100 emails per day, so for low volume free is for me.