Port 25 Blocked but Still Receive System Usage Email

I recently set up a new MiaB install on Digital Ocean. System status reports Port 25 blocked. I read nearly every forum topic on this, and it’s clear, I got it. OK, port 25 blocked, cannot send emails. And in fact, emails sent from accounts on my box do not arrive.

So imagine my surprise when the daily system usage message arrived!

Subject: [mail.mydomain.com] Mail-in-a-Box Usage Report

Also, the status change alert messages are arriving.

Happy to get these messages, but may I ask how is it possible?

Are you receiving these on an account hosted on your box or really another email server?

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Lol I’m an idiot, yes I had moved the admin account to my box, that explains it, haha thank you!


This is completely off-topic, but can you please tell me if DO automatically installs swap by running free -h or if you had to configure swap yourself?

$ free -h
		total	used	free	shared	buff/cache	available
Mem:	985M	438M	109M	16M		437M		353M
Swap:	1.0G	296M	727M

I believe the swap was set up when I selected the 18.04 server build on Digital Ocean. In any case, here is what I get:

 free -h
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:           985M        406M        170M         27M        408M        397M
Swap:          1.0G        194M        829M

Since I’ve never used DO I’m asking these basic questions, but when you selected the OS, there were no additional questions about swap?

I use Vultr and they do not configure swap, so I always have to manually configure after building a server.

Not that I recall. Just selected 18.04 server build. Set up my ssh keys etc. Then curl mailinabox

DO automatically set up PTR etc. as well.

Luckily my server was not blocked for port 25 and the IP address not on any block lists. My DO location is London.

All very straightforward generally with Digital Ocean.

You can also resize and/or change droplet names quite easily as well if needed later.


Definitely no options to configure swap during build. Swap is installed and configured.

root@mail:~# free -h
total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 985M 364M 179M 2.4M 440M 462M
Swap: 1.0G 154M 869M


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