Port 143 Connection refused

I was trying to use a php web mailbox connected to my mail server I kept getting this error Connection failed to mail.mydomain.com,143: Connection refused.

to troubleshoot it I tried to telnet to using telnet mail.mydomain.com143 and I got the same thing
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

then I tried looking into my firewall

root@mail:~# ufw app list
Available applications:
Dovecot IMAP
Dovecot POP3
Dovecot Secure IMAP
Dovecot Secure POP3
Nginx Full
Nginx HTTP
Postfix SMTPS
Postfix Submission

everything looks good I even tried to disable to the firewall and no luck with that either not sure where to go from here?


Ok, well your issue is that port 143 is not the SMTP submission port. You need to be connecting to port 587 or 465. Port 143 is the IMAP port, for reading mail.

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