Please let us disable checks on 2nd-level domain A records

If my box is, and I manage the emails, it doesn’t mean I want to host our corporate site on the mail box!

Please let us disable it or make a ‘lite’ version that is only a mailserver, also without the DNS server (we have 30 million DNS requests per day, I don’t think it’s a good idea to send them to a $5 VPS)

Every day I receive “Status Checks Change Notice” that the A records have changed on the main domain… (because of the load balancing, it will happen to everyone who uses CloudFlare or similar services) and it’s so annoying…


You are welcome to submit a fix.

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Thanks, unfortunately I’m not a python programmer…

Is it that big deal to just ignore the messages? Or with that sort of DNS requests could afford to use a more tailored mailserver solution or pay the services of a python 'spurt.

As for CloudFlare that’s optional too (some folk don not use)

MIAB suits purpose for which it was designed and the majority who use it. Customization be it on your own head.

Ok it was just an idea, I think most people only install MIAB because they want a mailserver, it’s called mail-in-a-box not mail+dnsserver+webhosting in a box.

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