Please I need help on how to use MAIB with Amazon SES or SMTP2GO

Hi there,

I was able to set up MIAB but the issue I am getting is that all my emails are sent to junk.
So my question is is there a way I can use Amazon SES or SMTP2go to ensure my emails get delivered,

I am not using this server for bulk mail. I use amutic for that.
I am using it for emails address for my websites.

So if somone can please giude me on the exact step to configure mail in a box using Amazon SES or smtp2go as the SMTP for my MIAB install I really would appreacite it

Right now there is no official support for SMTP Relays. That being said, MIAB’s Postfix installation does support it. should work for you. (It says Debian, but the same is true for Ubuntu in this case.)

Good luck!

Wen, I’m trying to do use SES as a relay, with either MIAB or Mailcow. I’ve found very little as far as resources go, but my impression is that it is quite possible. Just trying to get the time to figure it out.

If you have any luck, please let me know. I’ll do likewise.

I did find that most of my emails would get sent to spam for a good while (overnight) even after MIAB had nothing but green checkmarks after install. Probably, because it takes some time for everything to percolate out through DNS. Even so, we want SES as a relay before our email service goes into production.

Hi Mark thanks for the message I will keep you updated enjoy your day

send an email to to figure out what’s wrong in your setup, MIAB was the only system that allowed me to get 10/10 on the first try without any effort

Run the IP and the domain through a RBL checker, I use MXToolbox.[0]
Also if you are running the mail instance on EC2 be aware that some anti-spam tools will vote negatively for cloud-based instances due to their ephemeral nature. Consider using a traditional VPS from a reputable hosting company, it will also give you considerably more resources for the money than an EC2 or other cloud provider instances.

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