Please how can I create another server that uses same domain (backup MX)

I want to create another server that uses the same domain as my other mail in a box server. Please how do I do it

What are you wanting the second server to do? Is it a failover?

yes it is a fail over

For failover, you need a way to sync the mails between servers, which, depending the application can be relatively simple or extremely complex.

I’m not aware this is possible with MiaB, so you are probably on your own unless others want to share their solutions.

I’ve never bothered, but when I’ve looked into setting up a failover I’ve decided the simpler option is a server that just tells sending servers to come back later. Not pretty, but somewhat better than nothing.

Please can you explain what you mean by sending servers to come back later?

If someone tries to send an email to your server and the sending server cannot find your server, the sending server will inform the user that the email address is invalid.

However, if the sending server finds your failover server, the failover server can simply provide a response to the sending server telling it to retry the email at a later time. This doesn’t usually trigger a message to the person sending the email, so they don’t think they have an invalid email address.

ok thanks alot but is there a way i can just use the second server as a backup

Yes, if you figure out how to synchronize emails between the servers.

Please do you have a link that can help me out with this backup process?

Backup usually means you just want to store the files somewhere offline so that if something goes wrong with the server, you can restore the server to its state at the time of backup.

A failover is a redundant server that steps in to perform the functions of the main server should the main server be unavailable.

Are trying to store backups or put a failover in place?

I am trying to store backups in another server

Folks, let’s be consistent in our use of terminology…

backups and backup MX server are two different things, and are being confused in this discussion. Failover is confusing the issue further.

ok please can you help me in setting up a backup mx server

That depends on how you want to retrieve the backups. The backup files are located in /home/user-data/backup/encypted but you will need /home/user-data/backup/secret_key.txt to decrypt them.

I just retrieve the backup files with rsync, but other use different methods, perhaps Nextcloud.

which tool do you use for decryption?

This solution does NOT utilize MiaB as MiaB does not function as a backup MX nor is it configurable to be able to do so.

Of course as a prerequisite to the previous link you need to install Postfix:

yh thanks for this link. I think thats what I am looking for
but the question I now have is that since miab uses a local dns. how can i add the mx records to it?

You can add DNS records for the domain on the custom DNS page in the admin area.

wow thanks alot alento. I really appreciate. I’m kinda new in this stuff.

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by decrypt them you mean i would insert the secret key in a prompt I would receive to access the backup?
or is there a tool you use for this?