Please Allow PHP by Default

Hi fcarew,

Thank you for using Mail-in-a-Box. Please keep in mind, that the box is designed to be a “just-works” solution for non-advanced users. Implementing things as PHP or something would make it more complicated to reproduce errors by the community. Thats why we are not integrating much options for modifying :wink:
If you want to modify your box by activating PHP on your domain, you are able to do this. But keep in mind - if you do this - you will be on your own. If anything crashes or does not work as excepted, the community and neither @JoshData may not be able to help you.

A User has posted how to do this: Is atleast being able to toggle PHP planned?

But keep in mind: It’s unsupported :imp:

And please … there are so many theards in this forum which users ask the same questions … and they are already answerd by @JoshData or the community. And I think @JoshData hasn’t changed his opinion in this short time. :smile: