Please Allow PHP by Default

Please JoshData,

The majority of you community would very well benefit.

Roundcube Webmail runs on PHP.
OwnCloud runs on PHP.

“if anyone figures this out please let the community know”

My Hopeful Wishes.

Hi fcarew,

Thank you for using Mail-in-a-Box. Please keep in mind, that the box is designed to be a “just-works” solution for non-advanced users. Implementing things as PHP or something would make it more complicated to reproduce errors by the community. Thats why we are not integrating much options for modifying :wink:
If you want to modify your box by activating PHP on your domain, you are able to do this. But keep in mind - if you do this - you will be on your own. If anything crashes or does not work as excepted, the community and neither @JoshData may not be able to help you.

A User has posted how to do this: Is atleast being able to toggle PHP planned?

But keep in mind: It’s unsupported :imp:

And please … there are so many theards in this forum which users ask the same questions … and they are already answerd by @JoshData or the community. And I think @JoshData hasn’t changed his opinion in this short time. :smile:

No, the whole purpose of Mail-in-a-Box is to be simple and secure. Adding the ability to be a generic web server is counter to both of those.

So, if you care about the security of your e-mail server, you should not be running all sorts of other things on it, since each piece of software adds another avenue of attack for would-be hackers.

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