Pick what to install

Is there a way to pick what to install, like a selective install? I don’t need OwnCloud components, z-push, webmail, nor static website hosting.

I guess my question is, if I remove these from start.sh, will it bread badly?

source setup/web.sh
source setup/webmail.sh
source setup/nextcloud.sh
source setup/zpush.sh

You are going to need the admin panel, so there does have to be a web server configured to support that.

What are you trying to accomplish by disabling the other features?

You are going to need the admin panel, so there does have to be a web server configured to support that.

I have taken a quick look at the scripts, and it seems management runs on its own, without the need of nginx (if anything, it uses nginx as a proxy, nothing else, but I need to look at the scripts more carefully).

I do not need NextCloud. I don’t need to store my address book on a mail server, I already have a way to store, and synchronise contacts, calendar events, etc. I eliminate overhead by trimming those unnecessary things (PHP, web server, even the heavy DB server if possible—I prefer sqlite3).

It is modularity what I am after.

Then an all-in-one solution like MIAB is probably the wrong place to look, to be honest.

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You are likely to have a lot of difficulty getting support from this project on what you are after.

The purpose of MiaB is to provide and automatically configure a mail server that is more trivial to manage than has historically been possible. The solution you desire will be more along the lines of you personally configuring everything yourself.

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Is OK. I think I can hack my way through installing it without the packages I don’t need/want, or implementing a simple logic to install a “core” (the real mail server without the fluff) whilst allowing to pick the non-essentials as a choice.

Thanks all for the attention.

What you are wanting to do is absolutely not supported by MiaB. That said, I understand what you are attempting to accomplish and why.

Would you be kind enough to come back and tell us how it went?

Yes, NextCloud isn’t a mail server, nor nginx. It bloats, imho. NextCloud, and Webmail should be made optional. Postfix, DKIM, DMARC, SPF configuration, and Dovecot are the mail server (core essential).

Sure will! Picking the shell scripts is easy. Python will be a different matter, but will try.

Keep in mind that MiaB installs its own Python interpreter … or something like that - it’s not my area of expertise.

Requiring users to engage command line to manage all of the configs is non-trivial. Having a GUI based manager approach is trivial for users. A web server is among the best ways to implement this, and nginx is very light and well supported. My instance of MiaB, albeit very lightly used, runs usually just under 300 MB RAM.

Nextcloud is used for convenient backups. Another function that would be non-trivial to the average user without such a tool.

It really sounds like this isn’t the project you are looking for.

If you’re going to be installing just mail components and separately, you might find this post a better guide. That article was one of the inspirations for the creation of MIAB.

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or you could check out https://github.com/lavabit/magma

that works… i have an instance running @ https://miskc.org

I ended up setting up things manually. Since I am only in need of one domain, it was relatively simple to setup Postfix, Dovecot, DKIM, SPF, and Spamassassin in a small VM.

Thanks @blinkingline, everyone!

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