PBL Block Ignore

im setting up a new server at home for personal home email.
due to policy PBL blocks my IP , that ok
ill use my smart host on my hosted servers to send mail
how can i ignore this error and continue with the install ?


please ignore i solved it

How did you solve this? I have the same problem. I have MIAB for security, however I’m held hostage by Spamhous and CenturyLink’s policy to only allow mail from their servers. The last thing I want is my mail touching CenturyLink servers. To clarify, I have set up MIAB on a Linode and am being rejected sending mail to my own account or others on my server due to PBL policy at Spamhous which claims my CenturyLink address is not allowed to send mail except through a CenturyLink server.

Which is completely reasonable. You cannot send mail from your Century Link email address.

You can however send email from your own domain using MiaB and a smtp relay.

The word address, in this case, is my centurylink IP address. I do not have a centurylink email address.

Then your question makes absolutely no sense…

but …

You necro’d a post from 5 years ago. Please start a new topic and specify what the issue is … as the information provided is not very clear.

How exactly is your CenturyLink IP address involved here? That is what is unclear … your MiaB VPS is hosted on Linode, so why is CenturyLink even in this discussion?