ownCloud version 9

Hello everyone! I’m using mail in a box and today i did the update for 0.17c. On the log files in terminal I saw a message that owcnloud is up to date although I know that is on version 9 now. Is ok to update it on version 9 or I will have conflicts with my email?

Thanks in advance everyone for your help :slight_smile:

ownCloud 9 will come with the coming versions of MiaB. The next release will update ownCloud to 8.2.3 so that we are prepared for 9.0 :wink:

After that, i think we are going to release 9.0.1 with 1.1 of calendar and 1.2 of contacts verry soon.

This depends on the release plan of @JoshData . Maybe he gives us a little statement here when he is going to Release 0.17d or 0.18 :grin:

I try to do releases about once a month. The last one was April 1, so the next one will be in a few weeks.

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@JoshData currently ownCloud Calendar invites are broken completely. @aspdye is doing some hard work to get MiaB to ownCloud 9 to get that fixed.

How can I help to coordinate/release as soon as @aspdye is ready?

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Be on the lookout for a pull request on the github project, I guess.

Stay tuned :wink: it is coming verry soon :+1:
@JoshData Can you create an “mailinabox-packages” repository and give me Admin rights on it? I think about packing ownCloud and the apps by ourself :wink:

Re-doing ownCloud packaging doesn’t sound like a good idea.

Mhmm… Okay :wink: Then my Branch will be ready for testing tomorrow … ownCloud Calendar 1.2 was released tonight. yay :thumbsup: