ownCloud Issue (Plugins?)

Hey All,

Well after my earlier issue where I had to rebuild my mail-in-a-box server and move the user-data to the new server I have found one thing that seems a bit off.

When I was in OwnCloud previously I had what I think were some more rights. Things such as having an option to do plugins that is no longer in the top left pop-out. Is this by design? Should I be seeing something there more than the 5 basic apps?

It could just be I have not had enough sleep lately. Feedback would be appreciated.

I think that’s normal. (You may have somehow given yourself administrative access previously?)

I found I still had a tab open from before the rebuild. Sure enough, had the extra option. I must have tripped something when I was messing around.

You need admin privileges in ownCloud in order to be able to enable/disable the apps. Not sure how MIAB manages the admin privileges but you can fix this with command line access to ownCloud using the commnad line toolset ‘occ’.

./occ group:add-member admin --member=$yourusername