Owncloud error at setup

I started a new server on AWS with Ubuntu 14.04, during setup Owncloud throws this error and put install into a halt:
{“reqId”:“vRAfLdah2OWc3g9QwoH4”,“remoteAddr”:"",“app”:“PHP”,“message”:“touch(): Unable to create file /usr/local/lib/owncloud/data/owncloud.log because No such file or directory at /usr/local/lib/owncloud/lib/private/log/owncloud.php#53”

Any ideas on how to solve it ?

I modified the file owncloud.sh from /home/ubuntu/mailinabox/setup/ and replaced it with a empty file. Of course it didn’t install owncloud but at least the setup went through.

I think it is an Problem with the AWS Ubuntu Image :confused:
Please keep in mind, that AWS is not recommended in the guide, because of problems with their IPs and spam. Can anybody reproduce this with another AWS Instance :grin:

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