ownCloud app store

I’ve noticed in the installation of owncloud that the apps store is not avaialable. Is this turned off somhow on purpose? I was looking to throw on the ownCloud news reader.

Is there a way to enable it?


I think I figured it out…I have an older version of owncloud. Will it bork anything if I update owncloud to 7?


Mail-in-a-Box installs ownCloud 7. It installs just enough to be a competent mail server. You are on your own if you modify the system post installation.

Ok, thanks Josh…is their a possibility of ever throwing a full blown owncloud in? Since it’s partially in already it was save a fellow allot, as far as not running two servers.

Thanks for your time and efforts

It’s not something I plan to add, in an attempt to keep the project as simple as possible.

I am guessing that it’s not a good idea to install individual apps such as the Notes app found here – https://apps.owncloud.com/content/show.php/ownNote+-+Notes+Application?content=168512

Depends on how much you care about the integrity of your box…

If you’re running something that others are relying on, then probably not. If you feel like experimenting and know how to put things back if they break, then maybe.

Personally, I’d leave things as stock as possible.

I do not feel like experimenting one bit. I am very happy with the fact that my mail server works flawlessly. Thanks for your response and for the snap back to reality. :stuck_out_tongue: