Outgoing mail from catchall address

Hi there,

I have successfully set up a catchall email adress. I’m using odoo, and odoo does itself use email for different solutions, as example it sets up email addresses for users, projects and so on and so it creates new emails as it is needed, checking a catchall account and puts it in its database according to rules.

So my question: How can I send emails from any address on my catchall domain? The error I get when sending

foobar@mydomain.at as user catchall@mydomain.at gets the error (addresses renamed):

SMTPRecipientsRefused: {‘targetuser@gmx.at’: (553, ‘5.7.1 bounce+6@mydomain.at: Sender address rejected: not owned by user catchall@mydomain.at’)}

in the alias i have checked:
 Any mail user listed in the Fowards To box can send mail claiming to be from the alias address.

of course this would fail, because bounce-6@mydomain.at is not in the alias, because there is only @mydomain.at set.

How can I configure that here?


I could imagine that you have to specify the addresses to send from in the alias section.

Yes, i guess that too, but I need to find another solution, sometimes the address gets generated just before sending a mail with it.

there is an Alias API, you can find it under the alias section, maybe you could use it

Yes, i saw it, but its a bit hard, I have to code so much. So if there would be a way like “make this user to send all email from headers from that domain” would be much better for me… :frowning:

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