Outbound mail (SMTP port 25) seems to be blocked by your network

Outbound mail (SMTP port 25) seems to be blocked by your network. You will not be able to send any mail. Many residential networks block port 25 to prevent hijacked machines from being able to send spam. A quick connection test to Google’s mail server on port 25 failed.

Please help me

Where is your MIAB being hosted? Presumably you are behind a firewall which blocks port 25.

Which VPS provider are you using to host your MiaB installation?

I am Install MIAB on VPS in Google Cloud Platform. Any solution?

Google Cloud Platform and using a domain from cloudflare. Please a solution to this problem

Don’t use GCP.

To summarize the document, Google does not allow access to port 25 from a Google instance for security reasons.

hai alento

do I have to change my VPS? is there any other way?

Yes. You CANNOT run MiaB on Google Cloud Platform.

Yes, use literally any VPS provider other than Google Cloud Platform (or Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure). Avoid these 3 providers and you should be fine.

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Hai alento. big thank’s for your solution.

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