Options for Alias-based "Distribution Lists"

First, thanks for Mail-in-a-box… I’m in the process of migrating from another mail server software (MDaemon) that I’ve run for decades, and MiaB is an expert integration of a large number of complex products that has saved me countless hours. There is a learning curve, but overall MiaB has supported this superbly.

One area that could use some love is mail list capabilities. Other apps (Mailtrain, mailman3, etc.) are overkill for a small mail list and would likely conflict on the same host given their demands for an MTA, LMTP behavior, etc.

The “Alias” behavior almost hits the mark, and some enhancements would bring that across the finish line. First, we need an option to use the alias email address as the ‘From:’ address on the resulting messages. Many large providers, e.g., Gmail et al, have restrictive DMARC policies that prevent a “member” of the alias from sending back to other Gmail recipients. In addition, Gmail (and others) have spam mitigation techniques that detect the duplicate Message-ID and suppress repeated deliveries to multiple subscribers… in this case, an option to “crack” the distribution list into separate emails (with unique Message-IDs) would circumvent that restriction. Finally, an option to prepend the Subject: in each message with the alias name or some configurable tag would be more analogous to traditional mail lists. There are a host of other mail list capabilities, like subscription management, digest formatting, etc., that would be great as well, but those above seem more critical.

Again, thanks for your efforts on this Joshdata. Superb work!

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In general, it is out of the project scope to use Mail-in-a-box for mailing lists.

My opinion:

I’m not sure you will get a lot of love from the community in general on this topic. Mailing list makes it extremely easy for spammers to make VPS IP ranges blocked on every spam list.