Only webmail working


After trying for several days to setup my own mailserver i found Mail-in-a-Box, love it!

However, I’m unable to connect to mail accounts from mail clients, the webmail works just fine.

I’ve used DigitalOcean as my VPS and installed Mail-in-a-Box on a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04x64.
In the status menu everything looks OK except my self signed SSL certificate and my nameservers that results in a " [Not Set]/[Not Set]" however, a simple whois on my domain tells me that they should be fine though.

Using the configuration file for OSX with the mail app results in not being able to connect to both the IMAP and the SMTP server in connection doctor, but I do however get triggered to accept the SSL certificate when trying to connect.

Some input on where to go from here would be much appreciated!


Some progress!
After the DNS resolved I am now able to connect to IMAP, but SMTP is still experiencing the same issue.


15 hours later the SMTP server seems to have resolved the issue by itself.
Everything is now working without me doing anything!

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Nice, self solved :slight_smile:

Have fun with mail-in-a-box and a nice and spam-free day…