One email id never receives email - empty inbox

I have setup box for a domain.
All email ids send and receive email just fine, except one inbox, that never receives any email.
Neither it shows any email on roundcube nor on imap.
When I create alias for it, the email reaches on forwarded email just fine, but source inbox remains empty.
Any clues where I should look into?

So it turns out I misunderstood the concept of ALIASES.
Documentation says forwarders can be set using aliases.
That’s not true. Box is not providing forwarders, but sending emails to target email id instead of sending also to source id, as happens in case of forwarders.
So it means Box does not have actual forwarders!!
Isn’t that a very useful and a must have feature for a reasonable mailing solution?

Isn’t that a very useful and a must have feature for a reasonable mailing solution?

I’m sorry you don’t find the project in its current state reasonable. Hope you find what you are looking for!

I did not say the project is not reasonable.
I was surprised this basic feature is not available, however documentation seemed to suggest it is available.
Till now I have been able to get it working without any flaws, which is commendable.
This is definitely an opportunity to improve the documentation, and may be suggestion to implement forwarders in future roadmap.
That is misleading, which may result in user surprises. Just do not mention “forwarders” and limit it to “alias”. It would be well understood.

I did not say the project is not reasonable.

You certainly implied it when you asked if I thought a reasonable project “must have” it. (My answer, by the way, would be no.)

I understand what you are saying (although I have never seen “forwarder” used in the way you are talking about). To a novice, “forwarder” accurately describes what it does, and I used that word because “alias” isn’t a term anyone is familiar with who hasn’t done mail system administration before. If you want to propose a change that is clear to both novice users and advanced users, please do. (if you propose it as a pull request on the github repository, even better.)

Well that’s how cpanel works, and that is most popular panel having millions of customers.
I will try to suggest the change the way you suggested.

I had the same problem.
What I tried to do at the time was creating a Regular Alias and then include the alias itself in “forward to” , together with others.
For example: create a Regular Alias for:
into the “forward to” I put:,,
It did work, I mean, I was able to find the emails logging into and also in the other emails added in the forward to list.
BUT, every time I tried to go to /admin / Mail / User I always got message saying “Something went wrong” Until I remove the alias.
Don’t know if it’s easy fixable or not… Looks like I was close enough.
Just my 2 cents :smile: